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January 3, 2011

‘REFRESH’ communications on sustainability, CSR, health and safety

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Reaching a constituency in the most positive, proactive way should always be a communications priority, whether for training or the delivery of important information.

What sounds good for any company engaged in social responsibility, sustainability or safety practices is not always easy to achieve in a cost-effective and timely manner. This is especially true in an era when when things undergo change so rapidly. How and when to do this are important considerations.

Today, this acronym — SENDS — provides some considerations when communicating information that is important :

  • Short & sweet. Very few people today have the time to read tomes or watch lengthy video presentations, even if the content seems superb. The worst thing you can do is waste a person’s time
  • Engage and Interest your audience. That includes how you say what you say, how you show what you show, and how you deliver your message.
  • Newsworthiness. Any information you deliver must pride something that has news value, that will engage attention
  • Distribution. How you reach your target audience in a dynamic way that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle is important, whether it’s simple SMS text, an email, mobile podcast, or something else.
  • Straightforward & Transparent — read like a book without missing chapters.

SENDS — easy to remember and good to put into practice, whether training or communications outreach.

“Same-old, same-old” runs counter to the era; always keep in mind your browser’s ‘REFRESH’ button.

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