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October 23, 2010

Newmont Emergency Preparedness Training

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We have recently produced an emergency preparedness training program for employees and visitors at the corporate offices of Newmont Mining.

The video is available for review.Newmont Emergency Preparedness

I wish to commend the personnel at Newmont who oversaw this important safety preparedness training. Being prepared is always the best first step in any emergency situation.

October 18, 2010

Business Ethics & Code of Conduct training launches

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Ethics 2 Generic

A customizable training solution, presented by employment law attorney, Chuck Passaglia.

April 14, 2010

All training factors must be considered

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A short list of what affects online learning delivery

  • 1. Timeliness
    • Can information be delivered when a particular learning is required
  • 2. Length of Production Cycle
    • How long will product take to produce
  • 3. Production Value
    • Ability to engage or interest audience
    • Multimedia
  • 4. Controllable
    • Can content be easily modified
  • 5. Cost
    • What are the cost factors – time off work, space, materials, etc.
  • 6. Convenience
    • Can learning be available without disrupting other employee demands
    • 24/7 availability
  • 7. Distribution
    • Internet to computer, mobile devices, SMS
    • Bandwidth requirements
  • 8.  Performance Tracking
    • Measuring understanding
    • Does learning management system exist
    • Is other intervention required
  • 9. Archival Characteristics
    • On-demand learning library
    • Searchable
  • 10. Value to users
    • SME participation
    • Value to customers

URLs of sample online learning for review:

1. Two-window, non-video player with chapters

Understanding malaria

2. Green Streets Learning Management System, featuring demos

21st Learn SCORM-based LMS

3. Various new media learning products from Glenn Meyers

Glenn Meyers website

4. Internet radio format for information distribution

Radio Newmont Ghana

5. Video-based learning platform with sample tests

Adams County Ethics

March 29, 2010

Business ethics training now viewable

Business Ethics, Code of Conduct,” a sample training program from Green Streets MediaTrain is now available for review at the company’s eLearning Hub. Presented by employment law attorney, Chuck Passaglia, this product has been developed in a generic format that can be customized and branded by participating companies wanting to offer trainings to employees.

“Versions of programming like this have been added to our course list so they can be customized for participating companies in a cost-effective way,” states Glenn Meyers, executive programming producer for the company.

Chuck Pasasaglia

Passaglia is highly regarded for compliance and ethics trainings he has provided for businesses, organizations and governmental entities.

A number of his compliance programs can be viewed as short demos for no charge at Green Streets LMS (log in as a guest).

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